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Embossing Seal Accessories

Embossing Seal Accessories Category Description The products below accentuate Embossing Impressions as well as assist with carrying and handling of Embossing Seals.

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Some states require you to protect your Notary Stamp and Seal from theft in a safe, secure and locked location. This portable vault is small enough to fit inside your briefcase. Protect your notary supplies with this lock box.

SC - Seal Case
This seal storage box provides a great place to store your embosser when not in use. This quality case is made out of durable molded plastic, and eliminates the need for the deluxe pouch.

SB - Smart Base
The smart base stand is an attractive base used with Hand Held Embossers. Compatible with Black and Chrome Finish Embossers using spacers. Your seal becomes an ornamental desk accessory which highlights the beautiful stylish seal press.

Fast& Friendly Service! These attractive, cleanly cut labels are perfect for legal documents, official presentations, certificates, etc. Permanent-adhesive gummed labels in bright gold
Add an eye catching elegant touch to your notarizations. Just make a seal impression onto these gold foil labels, peel off the back, and stick onto your page!

Fast& Friendly Service! Makes every embossed seal impression photogenic. Any seal imprint can be inked for easy photocopying or faxing. No re-inking; will not leak or spill. Lightly press the inker on the raised impression to create a black and white imag
The seal impression inker allows embossed seal impressions to produce an inked image. Embossed documents can be photocopied, faxed, or scanned and the raised seal impression image is visible.