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Electric Seals

Electric embossers are the quickest, most efficient type of embosser for an office. They are most beneficial for repetitive embossing and frequent use, embossing documents quickly and effortlessly. An electric embosser can be used again and again for documents including legal papers, certificates, diplomas, transcripts by schools, law firms, courts etc. Electric seals are changing from heavy-duty high volume users only, to include the standard duty users like notaries, tag agents, architects, schools and small court systems at a more affordable price. They are built for high volume use, make a seal impression from a touch of a button, and have a long extended life.

The PerfectSeal™ heavy duty high volume units listed below produce a minimum of 200,000 high quality impressions from just a touch of a button. The value of any electric embosser should be the durability, extended life over manual embossers and the insurance of removing any chance of repetitive-stress injury during use. Repetitive stress injury is a major concern. One claim could cost several thousand dollars and a major loss of employee time. Companies spend thousands on ergonomic products and are looking to minimize risk and increase performance when using their seals and other marking products.

To ensure the Perfect Seal Model meets with your volume needs, speed requirements, and paper stock send us an image of your required impression and our experienced technicians will verify that the correct Perfect Seal is chosen. We offer a wide selection of electric embossers from the following manufacturers: Perfect Seals, Widmer Seals, and New Kon Seals.

AdobePDFElectric Seal Brochure