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Corporate Seals

The Corporate Seals below are manufactured by expert craftsmen as well as computerized laser engraving machines. Our seals give a perfect embossed impression each and every time and will last for the duration of your business.

Corporate Seals are official identifying marks that are imprinted or embossed on paper. The corporation’s official name, state and year of its formation is placed on legal documents. The impression represents the authority to authenticate and certify the document.

A Corporate Seal may be required by a bank or other lending institution, government agency, or as a prerequisite to the signing of a contract or other official document, to validate a document, the closing of a mortgage, business loan, transfer of property or something as simple as having a document notarized.

At some point in time, a business owner will be asked for a Corporate Seal impression, so it is a good idea to have on hand when it is required. If your corporation should issue physical stock certificates, the corporate seal will need to be applied to them to be valid.